The Power of Play

David Elkind

This book addresses the concerns that many of us have about ignoring child development and the ranges of development within a grade level and even within individuals when educational standards are set. David Elkind reminds us that most children are enthusiastic learners in the appropriate circumstances but may be anxiously unsuccessful in other conditions. Continue reading

The Importance of Movement and Experience for Child Development

We tend to look for quick fixes for specific symptoms instead of looking at the larger problem and how it can be remediated or prevented. We still tend to act as if there is a separation between mind and body. The following statements are taken from the writings of Angela Hanscom who is a mother, a pediatric occupational therapist, the founder of TimberNook which is a nature-based program for child development, and an author. Her primary concern is evident from the title of her September 2015 blog, “The decline of play in preschool – and the rise in sensory issues”… Continue reading